Education in Forage-Livestock Systems

We promote cross-disciplinary education in forage and livestock systems by introducing undergraduate and graduate students to the interface of livestock with forages in several courses within Plant Science and Animal Science. This includes the principles of plant and forage crop physiology, chemistry, production, management, and use as feedstuffs for various livestock as well as animal nutritional biochemistry, physiology, and management. Furthermore, these are integrated in several courses that focus on the livestock-forage interface to better prepare students for a career in agriculture or graduate study in their chosen field. Our courses offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the classroom, the field, and the laboratory. Additionally, several undergraduate students perform or assist with research in the areas of animal nutrition, forage crops, and grazing systems. Graduate students benefit from cross-disciplinary training in coursework and research projects.

Courses in Forage-Livestock Systems

Animal Sciences

  • AN_SCI 1165: Biology of Animal Production I
  • AN_SCI 1175: Biology of Animal Production II
  • AN_SCI 3242: Principles and Applications of Animal Nutrition
  • AN_SCI 4010/7010 (and 4011/7011): Pasture Based Dairy Management (and Lab)
  • AN_SCI 4332/7332: Ruminant Nutrition
  • AN_SCI 4975/7975: Beef Production and Management
  • AN_SCI 4976/7976: Dairy Production
  • AN_SCI 4977/7977: Horse Production

Plant Sciences

  • PLNT_S 2125: Plant Structure and Function
  • PLNT_S 3270: Forage Crops
  • PLNT _ 4270/7270: Laboratory Techniques in Forage Analysis
  • PLNT_S 9310: Ecology of Grazing Land Systems